Welcome to the FPE Grants Online - Management Information System or GO-MIS! If you have reviewed our requirements and is interested in applying for a grant, you may now use the FPE GO-MIS.

Welcome. Please click here to view the instruction on how to register.

All applicants must read carefully and follow the General Step-by-Step Guide as well as the
GO-MIS User Guide. These will guide you in the application procedure and in using the GO-MIS.

New applicants will need to register on this site to create an account. Only one account is allowed per organization. It is as easy as signing up for a Yahoo or Facebook account.

The online Organization Registry Form must first be approved before an application can be made and submitted. It is advised that the registration certificate, full proposal and other reference documents be uploaded to aid FPE in the evaluation.

Previous applicants can log in using the box above. All the information you have submitted are saved in this account.